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Case Study: Publishing Company

The Issue:

This publishing company was presented to us because they were losing money. Lots of money.

This client had several ecommerce websites that were not performing well. Frequently, the websites would crash for an unexplained reason. In order to keep the websites running in a somewhat smooth fashion, they had to periodically restart them. In order to do this, they had to bring the sites down for several minutes at a time. Between the sporadic crashes and the unfortunate scheduled downtimes, the company was losing revenue.

To make matters worse, every time more technical staff was required to fix the websites, they were taken away from other projects that would have brought additional revenue into the company.

The P Hardy Technologies Solution:

We reviewed their environment, including the extensive code responsible for running each of the websites, and concluded that the code needed to be changed. We replaced several sections of the website software with code that not only stabilized the sites, but also allowed the client to double the number of ecommerce sites they could host simultaneously.

In addition to fixing the problem, we also created a solution that allowed the client to track the success of their online marketing campaigns and the purchasing habits of their customers.

The Result:

As a result of our efforts, not only was the company able to rededicate most of its staff to new projects, but also significantly increased its customer base, its ecommerce offerings, and the marketing department is now able to keep track of promotional items, click-thru's, unique visitors, and their customer's habits. All of this from a simple web browser interface. Our client was estatic.

If we can help this client, we can help you too!

For information on how we can help you, please contact us at the number above, or use our online form.

home · point-of-sale (POS) solutions · video surveillance · technical support · articles · case study · privacy · about · contact · site map

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